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30 Before 30

Here it is, the final (hopefully) version of the 30 before 30 (Read these previous posts for some context). I give myself the right to ONE last edit in May of 2014 but afterwards I have to stick with it! (Note: I never took advantage! I’m stuck with this version.)

So here goes nothing!

General Goals
1. Get my drivers/motorcycle license – (Got my G1… again, let’s see if I can’t get that G2!)
2. Get my bartending license – I didn’t know the word for SmartServe! DONE. Spring 2008
3. Lose 20lbs (Added this after my freshman 25, eeesh)DONE
4. Fall in love again – I was adorable at 20, too cute to remove!. DONE (a few times!)
5. Graduate university DONE June 2007 & a post-grad in June 2012

Financial Goals
6. Pay off my student loan debt – Finished in March 2014!
7. Have a positive net worth – August 2013!
8. Have at least 10k in RRSPs – On track!
9. Get my emergency fund back to 4k – Finished in August 2014.

10. Volunteer at the humane societyDONE Oct 2008 to Dec 2009
11. Donate Blood – September 2014
12. Cut my hair for Cuts for Cancer/Applicable alternative – My hair is getting super long, I can do this!
13. Participate in a charity run/walkDONE Completed Harry’s 5k Spring Run-Off 2013 and raised over $600!
14. Do a Habitat for Humanity build

Health/Fitness Related
15. Run a 5k – See #13 above!
16. Run a 10k – Maybe this fall? We’ll seee.
17. Complete a Tough Mudder or other obstacle course race – For bragging rights, obviously
18. Squat 2/3rds of my own weight – Oh boy. Here we go.

19. Go to EuropeDONE I didn’t get very far, but London counts!
20. Travel on 3 continents – Travelled around North America, been to Europe, maybe South America? Australia?
21. See the Colosseum – Maybe still!
22. See PompeiiDONE. I’m cheating. I’m counting the exhibit in London. My list, my rules.
23. Visit the Louvre – Not giving up!
24. See the Smithsonian – Next spring!
25. Go on a wine tasting tourDONE October 2008.
26. Go on a ladies-only trip! – Bahamas in November 2014

27. See all of the films on the AFI Top 100 Films of the 20th Century
28. Learn to adequately do some crafty skill – I KNIT A SCARF. August 2013
29. Bake a pie – Hahaha, no idea why I added this. DONE January 2011.
30. Get a tattoo – The only reason I haven’t yet is PURELY FINANCIAL. Ugh. Early 30th birthday present?

Count so far? 17/30 56%!
Not bad considering some of these are total financial pipe dreams.

Things I’ve taken off that I’d like to achieve eventually:
– Travel to at least 10 countries – This sounds great! I just need more time/money.
– Visit every capital city for every province – Also a great idea but it requires some funds.
– Get LASIK surgery – This isn’t a goal that I can achieve without a recommendation so it goes to the side for now.
– Create a stock portfolio – I will do this, but it doesn’t need to be here.

The ones that are really exciting to me right now are the philanthropy and health related ones! Let’s see what I can get done by my 30th birthday!

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