My 2015 Personal Finance Goals!

My 2015 Personal Finance Goals

It’s really hard to believe that 2015 is over, for so many reasons. It was my first year debt-free, it was the first year I really got serious about my savings, it was the year I waffled about my emergency fund, it was the year I got serious about charity, it was the year of my boyfriend’s heinous accident, and it was the year I finally found a pretty perfect gig. It was also the year I told everybody off, too.

Despite all this blogging, I didn’t reveal any of my 2015 personal finance goals on the blog (did you notice?)

My 2015 Personal Finance Goals – Revealed!

1) Get my emergency fund to 10,000 by August

This was an important goal because my contract with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games ended in August and initially I wasn’t planning on working for at least another few months once the Games were over. WELL, that didn’t happen, but luckily I achieved this in July of 2015, and since I got my new gig, I didn’t need to dip into my emergency fund for ANYTHING. Personal finance win!
Yeah girl!

2) Contribute at least $5000 to my RRSP
I came up short on this goal, but I mainly attribute that to the struggles I faced in the summer when I was working 10-12 hour days and taking care of my boyfriend after his accident. I definitely fell into the trap of self-care spending, where I was so exhausted and depressed that I just needed SOMETHING no matter how frivolous, to look forward to. That said, I only missed it by a scant few hundred dollars so that wasn’t so bad.

3) Double my net worth
Since 2015 was my first year debt-free, I decided to still keep saving to the same rate where I was when I was still paying off my debt. Despite a few stumbles during some rougher parts of the year, my finances were in decent shape. Overall, I still managed to save over $12,000 in long-term savings in 2015, leaving me with about $26,000 in total net worth at the end of this year. (I don’t include vacation savings or short-term savings in my net worth any more. If I DID, I’d be WELL PAST this goal and the next!)

Stretch goal: Tack on another 4000k to my net worth.
While I DID mention to a few friends that I wanted to hit this goal last year, once the shit hit the fan in July, I knew this was a long-shot. That said? I’m buckling down this month and I’m on track to hit this number by late February!

My 2015 Personal Finance Goals in one word? Impressive

On paper it doesn’t quite look like I hit my goals, probably about 90% which is nothing to sniff at. Especially considering all the other stuff going on last year, It think I did rather well. I also set myself up for my most profitable year yet in 2016, so all the difficulty and struggle was totally worth it.

As for my 2016 goals? I’ll write about that next week.

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