February 2015 Savings Goals

Savings Jars

What did I get up to this February?

I usually have a hard time with savings goals in the winter because I get full blown Seasonal Affective Disorder and spend to make myself feel better. Fun. Well, since it was disgustingly cold this month, (over 20 of the 28 days of the month were an exteme cold alert in Toronto), I spent a lot of time indoors not spending money ā€” so my savings goals went rather well! And despite a frozen pipe scare during the Family Day long weekend, our home has remained problem-free. Phew.

Ok, enough whining, what else did i do? I went to my first Toronto Rock game, saw a GREAT Raptors game (we beat the Spurs!), experienced Wagner’s epic opera Die Walkure (for the first time!), caught a bit of Grandmaster Flash at the AGO & saw some Basquiat at the same time, and also celebrated my 8th anniversary with the boy. So, despite the cold weather, it was a warm and fuzzy February after all šŸ™‚

February Goals

  • Finally transferring my high interest RRSP account into another one of my RRSP accounts. Aaaaand I never submitted it. Bad Danielle.
  • Making more lunches! It’s one of the easiest ways to save money from my food budget. At least 3x a week. SUCCESS.
  • Tea no-buy. You heard me. OR nail polish! Success!
  • Go to the gym at least 8x this month! – Fail, fail, fail.
  • FINISH four books. Not read, FINISH. It’s cold, it’s snowy, this shouldn’t be so hard… right? – SUCCESS, I read like 8.

February Savings Goals – By the numbers

TFSA/Emergency Fund

January – Goal $600/month. Actual: $600

After such a rough January I was worried that February would also prove tricky for me to save. But the benefit of a 28-day month is that there are THREE LESS DAYS TO SPEND. Combine that with a TERRIBLE virus I had that basically knocked me out the ENTIRE last week of the month, and I didn’t have much time TO spend money too much money. Any little bit helps šŸ˜‰


January – Goal: $300/month. Actual: $300 ($300 in my Tangerine RSP Mutual Fund)

I hit my RRSP goal this month (after contributing a little less last month). Right now it seems so paltry but once my Emergency Fund is full in a few months I’m going to change-up where my money goes.

Vacation Fund

January – Goal: $100/month. Actual: $100, automatic monthly withdrawal. Joint account with my boyfriend.

Woo! Upped this sucker to $100 so we can get started on some passive savings for a post-Pan Am trip somewhere in Europe! Or Hawaii, I’m still on the fence.

Short-Term Savings

(i.e. Planned Spending)
January – Goal: $100/month. Actual: $100

Planned Savings: New cell-phone edition. THAT bill comes up finally in March, eesh!

Savings Goals Round-Up

January Savings Goals: $1100. Actual: $925 or $1025 depending on how you look at it. (-$75-175)

February Savings Goals: $1100. Actual: $1100 ($0)

Phew! I juuuuust made it!

March Goals

  • Transfer my RRSP. Finally.
  • Do my taxes.
  • Finish 4 books.
  • Go to the gym 6 times!
  • Go skating three times before it gets warm, hah.

Have anything special lined up for March?

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