2015 RRSP Deadline: This is your five-day warning

Keep Calm and Contribute to your RRSP

I’ve been really quiet the last few weeks, mainly because 22 out of the last 24 days have been extreme cold alerts in Toronto. To quote The Weather Network “This February looks to place in the top five coldest on record for the downtown Toronto weather station at the University of Toronto which has been recording temperatures for 175 years.” SO CLEARLY it sucks, and when I haven’t been at work, I’ve been at home. Combine that with a bad dental experience, and a bout of Novovirus that I’m still shrugging off, and I’m not a happy camper. Unfortunately it’s safe to say that winter is still in season, so we still have a few weeks of misery left to go.

But do you know what else is in season? TAXES.


But seriously, March 2 is the 2015 RRSP deadline, aka the FINAL day to contribute to your RRSP for your 2014 tax filing. Save for your future and get some tax credits along the way. (Note: You don’t need to claim these credits this year, obviously if you don’t need them, hold them for another year when your income level rises.)

I’m still waiting on a few slips myself, but thanks to a little bit of ‘Winter cleaning’, I’ve already located most of my important documents and receipts. What about you?

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