My December Savings Goals & Year-End Numbers

December 2014 Savings Goals

What did I get up to this December?
At the beginning of December, if you recall, I was feeling mighty fine. I had most of my Christmas shopping budgeted and planned/done, I came in under-budget in the Bahamas and I was getting set for the holiday season.

Then December actually, you know, HAPPENED. By the end of that whirlwind of a month, I finished the final month of 2014 spending a bit of money on myself. I purchased a Kobo Aura e-reader (which I will read my NUMEROUS library books on!), two Fossil purses and some pants/shirts that are work appropriate but not old as dirt. (SO many things in my ‘work’ wardrobe are OLD, outdated and sad.) Oh, and did I mention that my boyfriend and I took a last-minute trip to New Orleans over the holidays? While we had some money budgeted for it, we had to book later than we’d like and each spent about $300 more each than expected. It’s not the end of the world, it just makes January a little bit of a slimmer month, but the relaxation and de-stressing I got from that trip was worth it! I feel like a boss now.

Totally Relaxed

December Achievements?
– Because I’d actively started buying/budgeting for Christmas presents in September, I was on-budget for holiday gifts and managed to give everybody a nice surprise this year.
– I blew past my casual goal of reading 60 books this year and read 64! And despite the larger than normal number of graphic novels, all the MASSIVE TOMES I read helped me make up for it in page count.
– I survived work, I survived a dastardly cold, a horrible fall which limited my movement and the holiday season. I. Survived. Everything.

December Savings Goals – By the numbers

TFSA/Emergency Fund

September – Goal $600/month. Actual: $600

This was down to the WIRE but I made it. I didn’t want to buckle on my plan for my 2015 Emergency Fund goal after only a month!


September – Goal: $250/month. Actual: $250 ($250 in my Tangerine RSP Mutual Fund)

My December goal was to deal with my three RRSP accounts and to reduce it to two. I didn’t do this, I MUST DO THIS.

Vacation Fund

September – Goal: $75/month. Actual: $75, automatic monthly withdrawal. Joint account with my boyfriend.

Probably going to up this to $100 this month, as we depleted it for New Orleans and I already have the travel bug itching for me to plan another trip.

Additional Savings

(i.e. new laptop fund, new phone, couch, big-ticket items)
September – Goal: $100/month. Actual: $0

I didn’t put anything IN this account this month, because I withdrew everything except $100 for New Orleans spending.

Savings Goals Round-Up

April Savings Goals: $625. Actual: $550 (-$75)
May Savings Goals: $800. Actual: $975 (+$175)
June Savings Goals: $825. Actual: $825 (+$0)< July Savings Goals: $875. Actual: $925 (+$50)
August Savings Goals: $925. Actual: $925(+$0)
September Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1075(+$50)
October Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1075(+$50)
November Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1025(+$0)

December Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $925(-$100)


TFSA savings in 2014: $4575 in 9 months, avg of $508 saved a month
RRSP savings in 2014: $2600 in 12 months, avg of $216 a month (this is higher when taking into account employer contributions from my old job, but this is what *I* put into my funds)
(I’m not counting vacation savings or secondary savings as it’s all planned spending so it doesn’t need it’s own tally.)

Keeping in mind that I was in debt until April, this isn’t half bad! My long-term savings rate is lower than I’d like it to be (I want it to be above 35%) so I’ll definitely be re-evaluating these numbers for 2015. Check back on Monday when I post my 2015 Goals, Financial, Fun and Otherwise 😉

Plans for January

I’m embarking upon another No-Buy challenge and you can read more about it on Darling Magpie this weekend. But I doubt it’ll be difficult as I have a big event at work which will keep me mostly busy from now until the 15th or so.

From then on I want to take advantage of my gym membership. I took a big fall in early December and had some deep tissue damage, but my knee is finally strong enough to endure some light running and yoga. I also want to sell/get rid of some more items from my house, attack the drafts in our basement/mud room and spend some 1-on-1 time with my Kobo. Welcome back NoSpenduary!

What are your goals for January? It’s a new year! Time for some new goals.

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