October Savings Goals

October Savings Goals

What did I get up to this October?
As you may be able to tell from the delayed arrival of this post, my October was a whirlwind of activity! I don’t think I went straight home on a weeknight for more than maybe 5 days this month, and I left the country during the first weekend of November to go on a quick trip to the Bahamas! After a big no-buy challenge in September, I definitely took advantage of a little lee-way with my money and spent quite a bit on clothing and other luxuries. But the good thing is that most of my holiday gift shopping is DONE (yay!) with just a few things left remaining.

Other October achievements?
– I did a good job of avoiding eating out at lunch time, and even turned my ‘going out for lunch’ trips into grocery shopping to fill my food drawer at work.
– I budgeted for spending money in the Bahamas and (since I’m finishing this post after I came back) CAME IN UNDER BUDGET
– I negotiated with my phone company to get them to cover some of my fees since they arbitrarily removed two of my promotions and refused to honour my contract (Rogers)
– Researched my RRSP options (see below)

Sunglasses equal win

Feeling preeeetty adult right now. Here’s the breakdown.

TFSA/Emergency Fund

September – Goal $600/month. Actual: $600

To reach my goal of a $10,000 emergency fund by September 2015, I need to put away $500-600 a month in my TFSA. I’ve been doing pretty well so far and the faster I get this done, the closer I am to my recently decided 2015 net worth goal (check back for that update later this month!)


September – Goal: $250/month. Actual: $250 ($250 in my Tangerine RSP Mutual Fund)

I looked into moving my assets from my RRSP plan with my former employer and realized that my investment mix is actually kinda good? Looks like I’ll be doing a reshuffling of my accounts instead, rather than simply closing that account. This way I have a managed investment, and a mutual fund, leaving me some space to do some stocks too.

Vacation Fund

September – Goal: $75/month. Actual: $75, automatic monthly withdrawal. Joint account with my boyfriend.

Ho-hum. This fund will be depleted in December to pay for our trip to New Orleans, and come January we’ll probably be upping this to $100 a month each for our next big adventure!

Additional Savings

(i.e. new laptop fund, new phone, couch, big-ticket items)
September – Goal: $200/month. Actual: $260

I fluffed this a bit to pay for my trip to the Bahamas the first week of November, and despite not actually using that much from it I’ll need to keep it up to help pay for some fun during my vacation to New Orleans this December!

Savings Goals Round-Up

April Savings Goals: $625. Actual: $550 (-$75)

May Savings Goals: $800. Actual: $975 (+$175)

June Savings Goals: $825. Actual: $825 (+$0)

July Savings Goals: $875. Actual: $925 (+$50)

August Savings Goals: $925. Actual: $925(+$0)

September Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1075(+$50)

October Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1075(+$50)

Plans for November

In November I want to spend less money on eating out and plan more meals at home. It’s already the 10th and so far, so good. But I know the holiday season is approaching so I don’t want to be unrealistic about my plans. The more lunches and dinners I make at home means that when I do splurge and go out, I won’t feel so guilty about it.

This month I also want to rearrange some things in our home to prepare to settle in for winter. This means more purging and decluttering. While I’m not brave enough to post photos like some other bloggers, I will try to document my results. I’ve purged a lot of kitchen objects and my bathroom is next. Eeep.

What are your goals for November?

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