September Savings Goals & Six Month Update

September Savings Goals & Six Month Update

What did I get up to this September?
For the last nine years, the first two weeks of September is always taken over by the Toronto International Film Festival. For several years I worked as a box office staffer and supervisor, until I started working full-time away from the festival. But regardless of my 9-5 schedule, I still manage to see at least 10 films, and this year was no exception. From September 4-14, I saw 14 films! Some were great, most were good, one was bad. I also spent some time wandering the TIFF Festival Street which was a fantastic addition to the hustle and bustle the first weekend, and killed time chatting film with friends 🙂

Other than TIFF, the remaining weeks of September was dominated by my September No-Buy / Low-Buy (final tally on Wednesday!) and FINALLY cleaning up my house after our move in late June. Phew.

TFSA/Emergency Fund

September – Goal $600/month. Actual: $600

2014 GOALS ACHIEVEMENT: I’ve completely refilled my Emergency Fund from when I almost cleaned it out to pay off my student loan debt. Cue the parade! But I’m not done saving yet. Now I flip into my next goal for this account, which is to bump my emergency fund up to $10,000. At my current rate of $400-600 a month, I should achieve this by next August at the latest, which, coincidentally, is the end of my current work contract.


September – Goal: $250/month. Actual: $250 ($250 in my Tangerine RSP Mutual Fund)

La de dah. My goal this month was to transfer my RRSP with my former employer into my Tangerine Mutual Fund but that didn’t happen. Next month I swear!

Vacation Fund

September – Goal: $75/month. Actual: $75, automatic monthly withdrawal. Joint account with my boyfriend.

This fund is fueling my winter vacation to New Orleans with my boyfriend. We were originally going to go in early November but I’m headed to the Caribbean with a friend instead (which leads me into…)

Additional Savings

(i.e. new laptop fund, new phone, couch, big-ticket items)
September – Goal: $100/month. Actual: $150

Seeing a bit of an increase in here, I want to go to an all-inclusive for a few days in November so I’m increasing the amount of money I sock away in here!

Savings Goals Round-Up

Savings Goals - Six Months In

April Savings Goals: $625. Actual: $550 (-$75)

May Savings Goals: $800. Actual: $975 (+$175)

June Savings Goals: $825. Actual: $825 (+$0)

July Savings Goals: $875. Actual: $925 (+$50)

August Savings Goals: $925. Actual: $925(+$0)

September Savings Goals: $1025. Actual: $1075(+$50)

Over the last six months I’ve socked away $5275, for an average of $875 a month. As my income has fluctuated quite a bit over these few months, my average rate of savings has been about 31%, so 1% higher than my goal of 30% but less than my goal of 40%. A large proportion of these savings have been designated to my Emergency Fund, and once it’s fully funded I’m going to push the savings to my RRSP instead. Phew!

Plans for October

Continue a Low-Buy based on the results of my September attempt. I’m also going to get rid of more things from my house, selling, donating or otherwise. I will also slightly increased my secondary savings to help pay for my November trip abroad!

What are your goals for October?

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