September No-Buy & Low-Buy

September No-Buy - Look at all the things I can't buy

I was originally going to release this post AFTER my August Savings Goals post, but I decided to bite the bullet and admit that I may have gone a LITTTLE off budget this month.

While I did not suffer from July FOMO this year, I certainly made up for it in August. I partially blame the delayed onset of summer as the weather took a hiatus in July, only to return a bit in August, leading to more hangouts and patio beers. So yeah, summer coupled with a bit of mania around having disposable income in the summer for the first time in years.

(I may have spent almost $100 on nail polish or nail polish accessories this month…)
I could be a drug addict instead of a nail polish addict

Add some recurring expenses such as sports registration, quarterly gym membership payment and renewing my Bike Share subscription and I’m kinda tapped out.

I was inspired by Cait from Blonde on a Budget’s recent month without take-out coffee and her long-term shopping ban but as interesting as her challenges sound, I’m not ready to try being a minimalist, I’m just going to try to curb some of my more… troublesome habits with a low-buy. I did one in July to much success, so here’s to that same level of excellence in September.

The No-Buy

For the month of September, I will under no circumstances buy any:

Breakfast items at the cafe at work: Even if it’s just a muffin! I can bring stuff from home, even if it’s just oatmeal packets.
Books: I still have FOUR brand-new unread books on my side table that need my attention, and I can borrow most others from the library.
Makeup: I have more than enough already! Especially mascara! (Sidebar: Want to buy some makeup?)
Hair products: I’m swimming in aerosol! I’m dripping in hair masks! I’ve got enough shampoo and conditioner to stock up a girl’s swim team!
Nail polish: Yeah, as we have discovered above, I have to make this a separate category to emphasize how little I need more polish!

Exceptions: I currently subscribe to Topbox, Beauty Box 5 and Julep. I’ve cancelled Beauty Box 5 and prepaid for a quarterly subscription, so it costs me nothing. Topbox is only $13.56 and I’ve really enjoyed their products. Julep I’m on the fence about, I still have some referral dollars so I will decide its fate in October.

The Low-Buy

For the month of September, I will curb my spending on:

Take-out Lunch: My goal is to have four packed lunches a week. Leaving one day free to go out with coworkers or friends.
Coffee: There’s no excuse for take-out coffee when I’m at home or at work. I have a tea drawer and coffee in the kitchen on my floor (however subpar that coffee may be). I’ll make an exception for coffee while I’m running around the film festival however.
Non-Essential Clothing: I need more office clothes, but September can act as a nicely timed purge of the good, the bad and the ugly in my wardrobe. Work clothes ONLY.

Phew. And that’s it! Here’s hoping I don’t spend my month like this…
grabby hands

Have you ever successfully implemented a strict no-buy or low-buy? What were your results? Do you have any tips for me?

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