My 2014 Goals: Six Month Check-in & A BIG Announcement

I can’t believe we are already more than halfway through 2014 already… and not just because winter lasted until late April! Since I eliminated my student loans in March and my relatively minor credit card debt in April and moved in late June, I thought 2014 had already been exciting enough. That is, until I got a new job!

I’ve been in my current role for two years, but I’ve been working with this company in some way, shape or form for just under seven. To say that quitting was a major decision is an understatement, it basically meant leaving the one place I’ve felt ‘safe’ since graduating University seven years ago. But as my 30th birthday looms next year, it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to playing it safe. And as everybody says ‘change is good‘ so it was time to take the plunge.

Now, onto the goals.

You can revisit my goals here (there’s a great Tom Hiddleston gif for you all!) or you can just read below. Unlike last year, I decided to KISS (keep it simple stupid) for my yearly goals and have focused on staying more rigidly accountable with my monthly savings goals.

1. Get debt-free and stay debt-free
Done and done! I’ve been doing monthly check-ins to make sure that not only is my emergency fund climbing, but that I’m socking away enough to buy a new laptop this year, to go on a trip to New Orleans in the fall, and transferring my static RRSP into a mutual fund.

Goal Progress: Super on track!

2. Contribute a minimum of 10% of my take-home income to my RRSP
During my debt repayment, I was contributing just under 10% of my income to my RRSP, but since achieving debt-free status in April, I’ve started boosting this goal in May. I’m currently at 10-12% but once my emergency fund is filled in I’m going to boost this even higher.
Goal Progress: Excellent, on track!

3. Build back up my emergency fund
Way back in December I withdrew $3500 from my emergency fund to pay off my debt faster. While it helped me crawl out of my debt depression it left me HYPER ANXIOUS about having a tiny emergency fund, So far I’ve managed to double what I have in that account and I’m on track to getting it back up to that same level by the fall.
Goal Progress: On track!

4. Run a 10k
Will this be the impossible dream? I’m going to pick a 10k in the fall and just DO IT, but my running this year has been subpar. I have been cycling an average of 80-100km a week for the past few weeks though, so my legs are returning! I had signed up for a 5k in August but it was cancelled so I’ll need to motivate myself to get through this.
Goal Progress: We’ll see!

5. Make time for fun
I KNOW WHAT FUN IS. I rented a party room for my birthday, splurged on tickets to go to the Field Trip festival in June, I bought Robyn tickets for August, I went to Choir!Choir!Choir! for some singing, I’ve gone to a book club meeting and apparently I’m REALLY GOOD AT AXE THROWING and have joined an axe throwing league to prove it. It turns out that scheduling your fun in advance actually results in a HAVING A LOT OF FUN.
Goal Progress: FANTASTIC. I’m a fun machine.

But that isn’t all, I officially ten months to finish some goals on my 30 before 30 list, or at least alter some before I do! I haven’t checked in on that in awhile, but I’ll set some FINAL PROJECTS in motion this summer. I’ve also been blogging a bit on my beauty blog Darling Magpie so swing over there to see what I do when I’m not obsessing over my finances.

It’s July! How are your 2014 goals going?

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