My 2014 Goals, Financial, Fun and otherwise.

Tom Hiddleston 2014!

It’s officially a few days into the new year! After a bit of an extended holiday visiting period in Toronto due to the ice storm messing up all my plans, I’m finally out of holiday mode and back at work, and what better time than now to publish my 2014 goals?

As I acknowledged last week, in 2013 I did pretty well. I was ambitious, I was steadfast and while I aimed high I also made a big blunder… I had TEN goals! While I tried to make them S-M-A-R-T, I didn’t think about how they would and wouldn’t work with each other. Final thoughts? 10 goals is five too many.

Here’s to a simplified, productive 2014, with these goals below!

1. Get debt-free and stay debt-free
Making my first goal “get debt-free” seems a bit silly when I only have a little over 1k left on my student loan, but my ultimate goal for 2014 is to STAY debt-free. That requires financial planning and investing that will keep some assets safe and accessible for future purchases like a house or a car, while also packing away for the future.
Joker - Make it rain

2. Contribute 10% of my take-home income to my RRSP
This isn’t so difficult since I already sock away about 7% automatically from my paycheque, I just need to up the difference and make sure I do the same for my side-hustle!

3. Build back up my emergency fund
I took a big portion of my emergency fund in my TFSA out to pay down my student loan debt faster, by the end of 2014 I want to at LEAST get to where I was last year. Hopefully I’ll be able to put down a few thousand more, but at least I’d like to get back where I started.

4. Run a 10k
I’m doing the Harry’s Spring Run 5k, or maybe the 8k, in spring, so here’s hoping I can finish a 10k by the fall. I almost did it this year but I was plagued with a bike accident and viral infection(s). I think I can do it, I think I can do it, I hope it doesn’t feel like I think it will below.
Parks and Red - Everything hurts

5. Make time for fun
Last but not least. The one thing about paying down a load of debt very fast and being pretty frugal to make it so, was that I definitely sacrificed a lot of fun last year. This year I’m hoping to spend more time with friends, more time on hobbies and more time on myself. Making time for myself needs to be a priority in 2014.
Have more fun like Chloe in 2014

And, you know? I think I’ll stop it here. Sure I could say I want to read 50 books again, like I did from 2007-2012 and failed to do last year, or that I’d like to blog more, or take trips. But I think that if I can stick to some simple and achievable goals, the rest will fall into place. I also don’t have much time left for my 30 before 30 either, so there are all the other mini-goals I need!

What are your goals for 2014?

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