NOV 22-24: Freebies of the week – Free samples, contests and more.

freesamplesnov22Freebies of the Week: I browse through sites like Chick Advisor, Canadian Daily Deals, Bargain Moose, and Red Flag Deals so YOU don’t have to!

This post is a few days late this week, because I lost a MUCH LONGER DRAFT listing some of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow for regular contests, so that will just have to wait. Lesson learned this week? Save, save, always save, especially when you have a Chrome tab addiction and mindlessly CLOSE TABS.

Anyway, on to the FREE SAMPLES.

Free Sample Round-up From Last Week

I grabbed some gorgeous smelling INVATI conditioner from Aveda (the location I visited had run out of shampoo) and nabbed a small sample of moisturizer that they haven’t even released to the general public yet. Thanks ladies! (This was a promotion that gave you an email to print off and redeem in store, see below.)

And I also received a Websaver offer I did awhile ago and forgot about. While Websaver is primarily coupons, lately they’ve had offers to receive free product coupons too (redeemable in store). On December 12 I get to redeem a free box of a new All Bran flavour with cranberries. VERY seasonal. It’s still running and you can find it here.

Free Samples of the Week

Dentyne Midnight Pickups – Like this page on Facebook and send a “pickup line” to a friend to receive one full-pack of Dentyne’s newest flavour! (Expires on the 24th)
Artic Rush Tic-Tac Tag – Play this cute little game and win a coupon for a free pack of Tic-Tac’s newest flavours! Took me about 10 seconds to catch a yeti who gave me the free coupon. You need a account too.
Aerius Allergy samples – Allergy sufferer? You know that allergy meds add up, but here’s a free sample of two pills of Aerius for a quick survey on Facebook.
güd Canada Lotion – A Burt’s Bees spinoff that seems to be more environmentally friend/healthy than the regular Burt’s Bees line? This is a sample for free body lotion!

Email Freebies of the Week

Aveda Salon – Sign up online for an email coupon for free samples of INVATI shampoo and conditioner. When I went to my local store, they had no more shampoo but gave me a new moisturizing oil sample too!
Wheel of Fortune Lottery Ticket (Ontario only) – Sign up to get a free Wheel of Fortune lottery ticket, the voucher will be sent to your email and is redeemable at any participating OLG retailer. I know somebody who won money last time this offer came through on a new kind of lottery ticket.

(Somebody asked me what the difference between the two categories is, the “Email freebies of the week” REQUIRE an email to send the offer to, the “Samples of the week” may be direct-mail, or may require Facebook or some other account.)

Twitter/Facebook Contests of the Week

@IndigoGreenRoom – If you’re a Torontonian (or surrounding area) IndigoGreenRoom is a great account to follow to win tickets to events, meet and greets and prize packages. I also happen to know the awesome gentleman who runs it, always worth a follow.
@DaveLeckie – Dave is the beauty correspondent for City Line and always has amazing daily Twitter contests for products from high-end makeup brands. Lots of people enter them, but it’s quality each time.
@Ebates – Not only can you get cashback and great deals, they also run contests like this $100 Old Navy gift card one.

24 Hours of Happy – If you haven’t already seen this yet, I implore you. DO IT TODAY. It’s the world’s first 24 hour music video? Not sure what it is but it makes me happy.

Find any good contests or free samples lately? Share in the comments!

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