July 2013 Recap: Going over budget

troy_moneyAs of writing this, there’s still two days left in July and I’m almost dead broke. By dead broke, what I mean is that my chequing account has only $20 left in it and my wallet only has $30 (and $12 of that is bus fare for the next two days!) Luckily I get paid today! But unluckily my first paycheck of every month is almost entirely spent before I even get a chance to see it!

After my RRSP deductions (automatic through my employer) almost 90% of my paycheque goes directly to needs — 50% to rent, 30% to my mandatory student loan payment and 10% to my cellphone/internet. To get myself through this, I usually budget myself accordingly and keep some money from my mid-month pay to tide me over, but this month I got ahead of myself and went a biiiit over budget.

So where did the money go? My partner and my brother both have birthdays in July, I had a baby shower to attend for my partner’s future nephew (essentially, my future nephew), I was still catching up from my London trip at the end of May, I had a dentist appointment, had to cut my hair (haven’t done it in over FOUR MONTHS, I looked like a sasquatch), bought some pants since I don’t fit into anything from last year, I booked a train ticket for a trip in August and, well… I took a day trip to the Stratford Festival to see some plays. Aaaaand obviously, I didn’t budget all of this stuff in for July.

(Not great, me!)

I tried though! How I tried! I worked a part-time gig in the evenings for the first two weeks of the month, but even all that money was spent during July-ma-geddon. It’s a wonder I felt debt-fatigued at all considering how much I blew this month. So August needs to play by some NEW RULES.


No personal care products AT ALL. I have all the makeup, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, etc that I will need until the end of days. Shoppers Drug Mart is on veto!
Lunch restrictions. I only get ONE DAY A WEEK to eat out at lunch time. That’s all!
No more clothes. Summer is half over, I don’t need to acquire any more summery items.
TIFF or bust. If I want to get a ticket package to the film festival, I need to completely sacrifice my entertainment and shopping budget this month.
Less booze, more running shoes. If I want to do the Island Run on September 8, I need to cut my restaurant/booze budget and buy the registration out from that.

Hopefully these mini-budget goals will help me keep August on track. It can be hard to curb the monster, but luckily I seem to have the summer plague right now, so if there’s one thing that helps curb spending, it’s sleeping all day. It’s the little things right?

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