What is $250, really? Why I’m not moving anytime soon

The Downside to Moving

After attending a lovely housewarming party at a friend’s new home last weekend, I was hit with a gigantic wave of apartment-lust. However, it’s going to be a loooong time before me and my partner are ready to buy. While we certainly both feel the itchy feet to move, as I’ve spelled out in a previous post, moving isn’t an affordable option right now either. Especially considering our requests.

Two bedrooms. We definitely want a second bedroom that doubles as an office, for our computers/desks, and as a guest room that we can either put a futon or couch in in for overnight guests and family members (and perhaps bad cats who need time-outs).
Laundry. I spent too many years lugging clothes to the laundromat or having to selectively attire myself, I need either en-suite or at least, accessible laundry.
Dishwasher (or space to bring our own). Having a dishwasher in our current apartment is saving our relationship. Enough said.
More floor space. Our current pad is around the small side, 425 square feet to be precise. And for two people and three cats? It’s a squeeze.
Preferred Location. Ideally we’d like to stick to the Junction, Blandsdowne, Roncesvalles or St. Clair West. I like the west end of the city, and ideally, I like being north of Bloor.

Unfortunately this means our rent will automatically jump up by at the very, very least, $500 a month or $250 a person. To some? That’s not that much. But for a not-for-profit arts worker finishing off student loan payments, and just getting started on building an RRSP? It’s huge.

What's $250 anyway?

Four months of my cell phone plan
Two and a half years of Netflix
One mani/pedi a month for a year at my local
Five months of my gym membership
120 coffees
(Almost) Two metropasses
Much more than half of my potential trip to Montreal in the summer
One fourth of my flight to London in May (more details soon!)

Obviously I can obviously find quite a few other things to do with $250 a month right now. (Let’s not get started on first and last, and moving costs!) So I will just have to look at this post and remind myself of ALL OF THE REASONS I’m not moving anytime soon.

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