Link Time – The frugal upbringing, the weird things we do, and more.

I’ve wanted to do a link round-up for awhile, ever since I read Anne Helen Petersen’s fantastic Winter Media Endorsements round up. I don’t want to focus on just personal finance or entertainment or frugality but it just so happens that this week is dominated by it. Oh well, here goes!

Read these posts and delete your internet history!

A writer details his memories of breakfast, while growing up with a penny-pinching, frugal mother in Malaysia.

Markham Lee writes about immigrants and being cheap for Billfold.

On feeling so poor you steal lunch, and the personal aftermath.

Setting the record straight: Are young New Yorkers spending too much money on food? (I know I am..)

Brooke Borel details why she felt empathy for a piece of trash she picked up while walking her dog.

Krystal wrote about what a person’s net worth should be by 30, and I felt my heart leap out my chest.

Bridget wrote about having a difficult case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Vanessa voiced her opinions about engagement rings!

And last but not least, Mochi details her list of items that she bought with her cashback rewards from her credit card. I’m loving this because I’m maybe a month or two away from $170 in Shoppers Optimum points. Spree!

What did you like this week?

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