Automatic bill payments and being TOO financial organized

This is my story about how sometimes, being organized can be a real pain in the ass! When I started my new job, the paperwork said we would be paid bi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of every month. Much to my surprise, that was not exactly the case. It turns out we were paid every 2nd Friday. Fair enough, it was consistent enough for me! As somebody who prides herself on being organized, I set my automatic bill payments and savings plan payments accordingly. This was how I operated for the last six months. That is, until this week; I didn’t get paid this week.

Broke til next Friday due to my automatic bill payments

Unfortunately for somebody as financially OCD as myself, I didn’t know I wasn’t going to get paid this week until I didn’t get paid! I had already set up an early payment for my credit card bill, a transfer to a savings account and a phone bill. Ooops.

If it wasn’t for some side-income right now, I’d be staring at some scary numbers. As it is, I have enough cash for the week and as always, access to my credit card. This confirms the suspicion I’ve always had about our pay structure, that we’re truly supposed to only get 24 pay periods a year but that somehow we were always a few days off the prescribed dates.

As somebody who was used to the consistency of a bi-weekly pay period, due to years of working in a non-salaried position, I took it for granted that I’d always get paid biweekly. This is just something I’m going to have to keep better track of.

Lesson learned, but this situation took me for a bit of a loop. In the future, I’ll try to keep a bit more of a buffer between automatic bill payments and my assumed pay-day. How do you organize your automatic bill payments, or do you prefer manual?

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