2012 Accomplishments!

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I have to say, 2012 has been one of the busiest years of my life. I think that it may have been one of the more important years of my life as well! So much happened, and so much has changed for the better. To prove it, here are my favourite 2012 accomplishments!

1. Completed my post-graduate diploma
In September 2011 I started the Corporate Communications and Public Relations post-graduate program at Centennial College. I did this to basically re-specialize and find a job. I didn’t expect to be so interested in the program, and communications in general! I made some great connections that I know will help my career development, and definitely found a few good friends. Also, despite working part-time, I still graduated with honours!

2. Nabbed a full-time job
Almost immediately after finishing my mandatory internship for school, I lucked-out and nabbed a full time position with the Canadian Opera Company. At the time I had worked for the company for almost five years in Ticket Services, but they just happened to have a position newly created that was exactly in my field! In the six months that I’ve been there I’ve worked on videos, podcasts, social media, blogging and more. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

3. Paid $1000 into my RRSP
This was a bit daunting, since the first half of the year I was in school or operating as an intern, and for the latter half I was aggressively making student loan repayments, but I still managed to put away some dough!

4. Celebrated 5 years with my boyfriend
In February we celebrated five years together, and in September we celebrated three years of living together. To some, this may not seem like a lot, but I know how truly special he is. He even reads my blog from time to time, hello!

5. Made some new, great friends.
I’ve discovered that this is truly an accomplishment as we move into our late twenties and early thirties and jobs, children and family start to dissolve even the closest of friendships. I’m so glad to have made and maintained many friendships this year.

6. Cut my student loan debt in half
Through frugal use of my OSAP loan (aka, I gave almost 3k back at the end of May) and aggressive payments from May onwards, I’ve reduced the remaining balance on my loan by almost 11k this year. While a small portion of that was a personal interest-free loan from a family member, most of it was simply me and some budgeting.

7. Kickball almost-winners
I play league in Toronto Kickball and my team, the Cult of Kick’Thulu, went from an un-undefeated season (aka, we lost every game) to kicking ass in the playoffs and coming in second. Don’t mess with the Gods of the game.

8. Won the Bronze Award for the CPRS Ace Awards Student Campaign
In December, 2011, I worked with four women from my post-graduate program ran a fundraiser for Dress for Success Toronto. The charity offers job training and clothing to disadvantaged women entering the job force. We ran the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party to raise awareness and funds for the organization. Our event was a great success, we had lots of media hits and coverage (even getting some air time on the Sunday Edition with Michael Enright!) and raised close to $2k for Dress for Success. In early 2012 we were awarded with the Bronze award at the Ace Awards for our event.

These have just been a few of my favourite accomplishments from this year; runners-up would include running 5k, starting to weight-lift and re-vitalizing this blog. But those smaller accomplishments may be the bread and butter of 2013, so we’ll see. What were you most proud of last year?

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