Consumer Aspirations aka My Birthday Wish List!

This past weekend I officially joined my late twenties, I’ll leave you to figure out exactly how old I’ll be turning but I’ve dated myself enough on the internet I’m sure it’s not hard to find. As I’m currently working as an intern, it makes things a little more difficult for me because I can’t quite acquire the ‘adult accessories’ I sorely want now that my post-grad is completed. But I can dare to dream and here are a few of my wishes!

  • The Cambridge Satchel Company – The Classic

    This UK handbag company makes handmade, all English leather goods that just scream classy. I can just imagine myself pairing this hot number (with a blind embossing of my initials, obviously) with just about every dress I own. Grey, black, brown, green, red, you name it! It screams professional but fun, without being a flamboyant attempt to hold onto youthful pieces. This bag has a hold on me.

  • Fluevog Shoes – Bellevues Mollie Johnson

    Everybody loves a good Fluevog, especially those who can’t afford to buy them regularly! The Bellevues are a classic style for Fluevog and this pair of gray/blue heels are soft, like a turtle dove, but still powerful and Voggy! Jeans, skirts, dresses, I want these to wear even around the house!

  • Diesel Watch – Chronograph DZ5302
    This Diesel watch is hot hot hot
    This classic Diesel watch has a gold-tinted stainless steel bracelet with matching face and dial, perfect for somebody who can’t quite afford a watch of gold but desires to blind everybody with a faux-expensive habit. On a slightly different note, I’m also partial to the Ocean Blue Analog watch as well.

  • JumpFromPaper Bag – Cheese!

    This JumpFromPaper bag is not only adorable and light-weight but it plays a bit of trickery with your mind, harkening back to 3D sidewalk art and MC Escher. I think it’s the perfect bag to highlight my fashion whimsy but it’s also mod enough to wear at work or play.

  • iPad

    Ok, I’m a convert. I kept saying I didn’t see a need for one, what with a smart phone and a laptop, but as I try to heave my giant internet-typewriter in my bag, I realize how much I covet a magazine-sized superphone! I’m not desperate enough to click on those ‘Free iPad’ banners yet, but I understand the temptation. (Also, the ThinkGeek Etch-a-sketch cover is amazing.)

    And last but certainly not least…

  • Miniature Pony

    Not quite Lil' Sebastian, but good enough.

    Well…I can’t ride it. I can’t carry it. I can’t use it to lug my bags and goods, but I can definitely love it to pieces. This is what happens to city-kids who never got to ride horses as children, we become obsessed with mini-farm animals. Watch the video below for one that can do TRICKS!!

    So maybe next year, my friends, at least one of these will be in my possession. And yes, you can pony-sit.

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