Five TV Mama Bears You Don’t Want to Tangle With

A few weeks ago it was Mother’s Day across the pond in the UK and to celebrate, I created a list of some of my absolute favourite contemporary TV Mama-Bears who fiercely protect their cubs, whether physically, emotionally or…otherwise.

1. Catelyn Tully – Game of Thrones

Wife of Ned Stark, proud mother of 5 children and former Lady of House Tully, Catelyn Stark wears many hats but her life hasn’t been easy. She was once in love and betrothed to the handsome Brandon Stark but after his untimely demise, married his younger brother Ned instead and is devoted to her family.

Mama-Bear Moment – After her husband was executed by Joffrey the Jerk, Catelyn pushes aside her pain to comfort her son Robb. Despite the loss of her husband, her children remain her first priority.

2. Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

A Lannister always pays their debts and Cersei Lannister is no exception. She is fiercely protective of her children who are (unbeknownst to Westeros) incestuous products of her relationship with her twin Jaime. She spends a lot of time ensuring nobody messes with her cubs, even in the most minor of ways.

Mama-Bear Moment – Showing the power she wields, she punishes the Starks for a tiny scratch that Joffrey gets from Arya. The punishment? She sentences Sansa Stark’s wolf to death. Cold vengeance for such a tiny grievance.

3. Susie Greene – Curb your Enthusiasm

The term “her bark is bigger than her bite” doesn’t apply to Susie because her bite is terrifying. Known for her caustic tone and filthy mouth, Susie, the wife of Jeff, Larry’s closest friend and manager, has mistrusted Larry since Day One, especially with anything to do with her family.

Mama-Bear Moment – While Larry is at the Greene’s house, he accidentally gives Sammi, Susie’s 7 year old, wine, and takes the family dog for a walk. Susie comes home and finds her child drunk as a skunk and her dog missing and who shows up in the driveway soon after?

Warning, lots, well, constant swearing.

4. Athena – Battlestar Galactica

Athena joins Battlestar as a Cylon spy on a mission to seduce Helo to test human/cylon procreation. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with him, to get pregnant and switch allegiances entirely. Their daughter Hera is a rare hybrid human/Cylon and is abducted multiple times during the series causing Athena becomes a paranoid Mama-Bear to cope.

Mama-Bear Moment – Long story short, Athena forces her husband Helo to kill her so she can resurrect and save her kidnapped daughter aboard the Cylon ship. It’s a risk because not much is known about resurrection but the losing their daughter was not an option. Cue the tears.

Helo and Athena – Skip to 3:20

5. Emily Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Emily is an amazing grandmother. While she may have had some mishaps while raising Lorelai, her focus on Rory is bullet-proof and nobody is going to mistreat her smart, talented and lovely granddaughter. Her way with words is definitely where Lorelai gets her verbal magic from.

(Grand)Mama Bear Moment – When Rory is slighted by her boyfriend Logan’s disapproving parents, Emily wields her social prowess to give Logan’s mother a verbal knock-out.

Emily lays waste to the Huntzberger matriarch

Honourable mentions: Tara from United States of Tara, Claire from LOST and Nikki/Jessica from Heroes

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