The Blindspot Series: Die Hard

So I’m an obsessive list-builder and to-do lister and have decided to lump myself in with these crazy people and create my own Blind Side/Blind Spot series. (I prefer the latter because the former makes me think I’ve been hit with a truck or a lawsuit.) It’s a completely self-directed monthly list that encourages, nay, forces us to watch movies we should have, by all accounts, seen by now. This could be films we’ve purchased and left aside, classics we’ve ignored, auteurs we’ve avoided or pop culture we’ve passed on.

I’ve not yet determined my full set of films, I think it’ll be a more organic process, discovering films I’d genuinely like to discuss will be key. But this month, we can all agree that this girl really, really, really needed to finally see Die Hard.

Just to get some things off my chest. I’ve NEVER ADMITTED I’VE SEEN DIE HARD. I’m constantly reminding people that I’ve yet to see this film and in almost five years of dating my boyfriend who supposedly looooooves it, has never even sat me down to watch it. So to cap off this holiday break, while everybody else was watching the Golden Globes, I decided to finally knock one off my list and live-tweeted the entire thing.

I still don’t see why this movie is special, it’s an action flick, John argues it was good in comparison but I still don’t get it. There are some clever bits but this is utterly forgettable for me. I must still be missing something. But I will treat you to my tweets from the evening peppered with some telling stills. Enjoy!

Did my writing early, now for Die Hard and then on to Champion Day! #endofweekendblues

The Nakatomi Building is still ridiculous 24 years later, the hair is huge but the glasses are amazing! #DieHard

Alan Rickman why you so hot and w/ such a confusing accent? Also, Bruce Willis must’ve spent the duration of this movie dehydrated #DieHard

Trussing up a corpse with a message? Morbid, Bruce Willis! Oh well it’s just generic German villains! #DieHard

Falling down an elevator shaft into an air vent? I call bullshit. Also? He’s more believable when he isn’t quipping endlessly. #DieHard

Protip: If you are a stupid coke head, don’t negotiate with terrorists. Sigh. #DieHard

For those just tuning on, I’m live tweeting my first ever viewing of #DieHard and its about 50% fun, 50% stupid.

Bruce Willis, you so stupid! His accent is totally fake! Don’t fall for it! #DieHard

I do enjoy this slow burning thriller part, camera angles askew, a little Hitchcockian dialogue, and now back to the machine guns! #DieHard

Glass in feet, glass in feet, ugggggh! #DieHard

But whats in the corporate safe? Oh, just a shit ton of fucking antiques and art, private collection? Wtf? Ohhhhh and bonds, gotcha #diehard

Now for the reformed badboy to realize he loves his wife, oh yeah! Are those real tears Mr. Willis? D’awww. Love those crazy kids! #DieHard

What’s with the movie’s subtle racism? Lets assume the nanny is illegal. Booo. #worstnewsanchorever #DieHard

Willis has his crazy eyes now! The FBI is even worse than the godawful LAPD. Now he’s rappelling down the building w/ a fire hose? #DieHard

Carl Winslow just shot somebody, cue the E.T. music! Now Argyle comes to take the happy couple home. But why not the hospital 1st? #DieHard

So obviously, as you can tell, this was not the stunning film I thought it would be, let’s only hope the next few months will expand my horizons a little more thoroughly.

Next up for The Blind Spot?

February 2012Eyes Wide Shut
March 2012 Gate of Flesh
April 2012Hoop Dreams

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