30 Before 30

A bunch of bloggers I follow have recently posted their list of 30 things to do before 30. This made me realize I haven’t even LOOKED at mine in a few years.

This would be because I started my list when I was just 18. I thought I had all the time in the world, that I’d be making a copious amount of money, that I’d be a swinging bachelorette maybe with a one room apartment or studio. I thought I’d be traveling internationally and that I would be doing this from some anonymous and not too demanding work position.

Obviously I had a lot to learn, I WAS only 18, the last update I found on the list was from 2007, which was still 4 years ago. I will consider that the ‘original list’ and will add a few more that are definitely current goals.

Let’s subdivide these into the proper categories shall we?

    General Goals

  1. Original list – Get my drivers/motorcycle license – you know, one or the other
  2. Original list -Pay off my student loan debt (which I’m adding to again!)
  3. Original list – Get my bartending license -I say my smartserv counts. Spring 2008
  4. Original list -Lost 20lbs (eeeek! This WAS added after my freshman 15ish kicked in) – scale this to 10 and I’ll do it!
  5. Original list –Fall in love again – good lord, I was adorable. DONE (a few times!).
  6. Original list –Graduate university – DONE June 2007
  7. New list – Get a dog
  8. New list – Get my owl tattoo – ask me about this
  9. Philanthropy

  10. Original list –Volunteer at the humane society – Oct 2008 to Dec 2009
  11. Original list -Donate Blood – working on it this month!
  12. Original list – Cut my hair for Cuts for Cancer/Applicable alternative – I’ve gotten used to short hair…
  13. New list – Participate in a charity run/walk – Oh man, this will be tough.
  14. Travel

  15. Travel to 3 continents
  16. Original list -Travel to at least 10 countries – so far, USA and Cuba, ugh
  17. Original list -See the Colosseum
  18. Original list -See Pompeii
  19. Original list -Visit the Louvre
  20. Original list -See the Smithsonian
  21. Original list –Go on a wine tasting tour – I didn’t specify the number of vineyards! DONE October 2008.
  22. New list – Visit the Capital of every Province – Note, province. Not territory. Sorry YK/NV/NWT
  23. Fun

  24. Original list -See all of the films on the AFI Top 100 Films of the 20th Century
  25. New list – See every film that’s won a best foreign film Oscar – My goal for 2011!
  26. New list – Bake a pie – Seriously, I was afraid of this, DONE January 2011.
  27. More to come…

Since I still have 4 years to go (there, just aged myself) I realize some of these seem loftier than the other posts, but these really were goals of mine. My poor optimistic 18 year old self, and I think I owe it to 18 year old me to do as many of these things as possible, or at least TRY.

My next major goal would definitely be visit Pompeii. I brought it up with my partner recently and at first he laughed “Really, POMPEII? Why Pompeii? Pompeii, really?” when I explained I wanted to see catastrophe and history and things way older than anything in Canada, I think he understood. My next major trip will definitely be to Italy. For the short term however, I will be cramming my eyes open to watch movies and donating blood, not at the same time though, hopefully…

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