(So this was apparently fully written as of September 14th and never got published, why? I blame sleep deprivation and illness! But let’s not waste my perhaps hilarious blurbs about them.)

So, going into TIFF this year, I fully expected myself to a) work longer shifts than usual and b) see as many films as I can and c) to write mini-synopsisesesess of ALL of my films. Why? I don’t really know. Considering I’m only home about 6-9 hours a day during the festival and don’t have my own computer during work, finding time to write has become a bit difficult. Add a feline-emergency as well as a personal super crash of illness and you have only just begun to understand how my festival has been thus far.

But luckily none of my films have been a waste of my time and some have been quite excellent, cross fingers for me folks, I’m still sorely lacking in the quantity department.

1. The Piano in a Factory – Capers, con men, pianos, Russian music, huh?
2. Norberto’s Deadline – Imagine a Judd Apatow man-baby but for REAL, in Uruguay!
3. Film Socialisme – Our screening lacked even the expository subtitles, I understood every other word and sometimes the jokes?
4. I’m Still Here – I sincerely hope this is a hoax or this is the saddest film I’ve ever seen.
5. The Illusionist – Magicians may not exist, but they still can break your heart.
6. Tabloid – If you like Errol Morris you will love this film. To put it briefly, it focuses on a woman who has been twice now the subject of completely unrelated attention from tabloids and follows her original exploits in the late 70’s to her current exploits in the mid 00’s and while neither is connected, the idea about truth and fiction and entertainment magazines is really fascinating. *whew*
7. Repeaters – A fun thriller that shows a trio of late teens/early 20 something rehab inmates as they repeat a certain day over and over again, watching the true psychopath unravel is a bit unnervingly fun.
8. I Saw The Devil – Probably one of the most graphically disturbing films I’ve ever seen that qualifies as a film and is not considered in any way, shape or form, torture porn. A man becomes a monster to avenge an unforgivable crime, or did he already have a monster inside him already? My only complaint is that women are treated merely as plot devices with no agency, given no background or any reason to exist in the film other than as victims.

Up next? Maybe a bit of Pinoy Sunday on Thursday, that is if I can find somebody to take my ticket for Monsters? Confessions on a Friday, with a side order of Never Let Me Go and Cave of Forgotten Dreams on Saturday and The Sleeping Beauty on Sunday. But these are just the ones I have tickets to…so far.

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