Day 2: Midsummer’s Night Dream in High Park

Today was quite eventful, first of all, it was it the TIFF Canadian Press Conference. Some interesting film selections were revealed, some celebrities (at least in Canadian film terms) were in attendance and yes, there were cheese platters, mussels, beef bits in tiny spoons, white figs with brie and merlot for all. More details concerning the conference will be covered in the blogTO film section for tomorrow, with some photos showing up here eventually, I’m sure.

After the press conference I had little time to get home and prepare myself for my brothers birthday dinner! We took the poor boy to Mitzi’s Sister and had a shockingly bad wait for our food, with not a word or a reason from our waitress we eventually had to get our food to go in take-away carts since it took almost an hour to get organized. From there we were headed to Midsummer’s Night Dream in High Park.

I feel as if I’ve never gone to the Shakespeare in the Park, my memory doesn’t serve me well, but it was fantastic. The settings, the sounds, the smell, the park was a perfect escape within the city to enjoy a modern rendition of the play which I’ve performed myself and am quite overly familiar with. Puck was fantastic, Oberon was charming, Helena was perfectly pathetic, Titania was intoxicating, it makes me regret not seeing a thing at Fringe. But with so much film to see and stay on top of, it often leaves me blind, deaf and dumb to the theatre community. Oddly enough I’ll take a show over a play anyday, perhaps that’s more due to my need for cheap alcohol when I go out?

Post a day count: 2

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