And this little piggy went Wii Wii Wii Wii all the way home.


Sometimes I feel that owning a Nintendo Wii, instead of one of the bigger of the seventh generation consoles like the XBOX360 or the PS3, leaves me on the outskirts of gamer culture due to the constant association of the Nintendo Wii with the casual gamer. But at the same time, how can I argue that this isn’t quite true?

Maybe I just feel rejected because I haven’t become very attached to any of the Wii games that I’ve been introduced to so far. Super Paper Mario was abandoned halfway through, Wii Sports became dull and repetitive when my friends stopped coming over to play, Twilight Princess failed to engage me and Marvel Ultimate Alliance entertained me for a few hours and I haven’t picked it up since. I rented Mario Party the other week and realized how superior the DS version of the game was. It was even easier just to get people to play the Gamecube version of Mario Party or an N64 version than the Wii, which offers less variety in the classic board type.

I’m hoping that my eventual purchase of Smash Bros Melee would revive my Wii-love with hours spent perfecting kills with a variety of characters, but I feel apathetic at the same time. My friends don’t want to come over and play the Wii like I thought they would, the ones who do would rather play their own, or something inane like Army of Two on 360 instead. It’s lonely being a Wii owner these days. If the Nintendo online multiplayer for Brawl was better, perhaps I wouldn’t feel so alone, but like all their online ventures it is half-attempted and not their priority.

(I do own a DS and find that the innovation and gameplay on DS games are still very hard to beat, I love my handheld. I do NOT love that the flash cart I’ve had for almost a year recently died and deleted a 50 hour Pokemon Pearl game, dozens of hours of Chibi Robo, my Animal Crossing village, almost a year of Brain Age 2, TWO separate saves of Professor Layton and Trauma Centre saves, however. My DS is dead to me for at least another two weeks as I get over this dark time.)

Photo credit: Bettisue

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