A few cheerful things…

Because I had such a stressful past few weeks, I decided to forgo finishing my TIFF wrap-up and post something altogether different. (Although the rest of the TIFF ‘reviews’ will be posted at a later date.)

Just a few things that made me smile during the past week.

The Bike Joint for leaving me feeling well taken care of rather than taken advantage of, as other bike stores have left me. (I will not mention them here, but if you wish for more information on Toronto bike stores to avoid, leave a comment and I’ll reply back.) The Bike Joint helped me with my brake issues with some tools, know-how and patience, while other stores were trying to sell me a completely new set of back-brakes! So super smiles to The Bike Joint.

Smiles to the homeless/mid-afternoon drunk man who repeatedly warned me to lock up my seat because ‘guys’ like to steal them right off bikes for no reason. Thanks, slightly intimidating and boozy man!

Smiles to the cyclist who properly passed me ON THE LEFT like he should, and as he went by told me ‘Nice bike!’ because I do so love my ‘Sheila’ and any compliments on her should come right to me. (She looks like this by the way.

Squeals to the pet store, where not only did I get to see a gorgeous brindle French Bulldog like so but I also became aware of the adorable new mixed-breed Frenchton! (Half Boston-Terrier, Half French Bulldog.)

Lastly, a set of smiles to my parents who have each really stepped up in support of me, my career choices (as unorthodox as some people think they are), and my work ethic.

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