Random Tidbits of TIFF

Quote of the day: “Waiting is just part of the festival experience!” An extremely sweet girl trading in a volunteer ticket for Atonement. She handled a 15 minute wait while the computers were down by being charming and fun.

Gem of the day: A woman apparently saw fit to ask one of my co-workers for a discount on tickets. Was it because she thought the prices were too expensive? No. Was it because she couldn’t buy a 10-ticket pass to get savings? No. Was it because she was a Cinematheque member who thought they were entitled to even MORE perks? No.

She was upset because she decided to wear brand new shoes while waiting in line, and they gave her blisters. As it was our line, it was our fault.

Yeah, because she wasn’t going to get those damn blisters ANYWAY.

TIFF Helps Get People Together?

I’m addicted to Craiglist ‘missed connections’ pages, since I used to work at Starbucks and became fascinated with how many people rave about baristas in the listings, but today I came across two TIFF-related missed connections, WAS IT YOU?

College Park line-Up Love-in?
Manulife Rendezvous!

(Editor’s note: I should’ve saved these! They were classic!)

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