Maggie Gyllenhaal does Agent Provocateur… with mixed results.

Some of the images for my current favourite girl Maggie’s stint for Agent Provocateur have been released on the web to some confounding reviews. I must admit the lead image everybody is using of Maggie, tied with ribbon cuffs, is definitely my least favourite of the bunch, but it was clearly chosen for being the image with the most focus on the lingerie.

MY problem with the photographs as they are, is that all of them strike me as a woman, mutely and without adding any new touch or taste, dressing up as female sex icons of the past. Despite Gyllenhaal being quite the provocative actor that she is, only one of the photos seem to be created with her personality directly in mind. The Daily Mail has posted the images for our perusal and I’m going to dissect each photo to which historical sex kitten/theme I believe it’s imitating.

Maggie does BettieThis image in particular, struck me immediately as being a Bettie Page ode. The self-awareness of this image, the connection between the model and the camera and the obvious delight she takes at being photographed made this comparison a breeze.

Maggie does LizLikewise, this image was so immediately Elizabeth Taylor that I needed to second guess myself. I then chalked it down to the thickness of the eyelashes, the purse of the lips and the air of importance to say no more.

Maggie does Monroe/Mansfield At first glance, I suspected Marilyn Monroe and nothing more, but the picture also screamed ‘MANSFIELD’ but without the oozing cleavage, I stick with Monroe.

Maggie does..everybodyThis one was a doozy at first, but then I realized a specific comparison wasn’t needed, it’s the same ‘soft’ shot many nude photo-sets start off with, or something typical of the ‘girl next door in lingerie’ for Playboy.

Which leaves us with the lead photograph.

Maggie does MaggieWhat this seems to me, is that five years later, our girl Maggie has moved to this dominant photo-shoot but is requested to be the submissive again. A softer submissive than in Secretary, for example, but she doesn’t have the same control or awareness of the situation as shown in the other shots and dislikes it, and this disinterest clearly shows on her face. THIS is the photo that has people demeaning a gorgeous girl, a talented actress and a sparkling model, and we all have Agent Provocateur’s weak fall line-up to blame.

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